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We are here to assist you

both personally and professionally

in your desire to be a part of 

this Great Awakening humanity has entered.


Before we can affect the world, we must first become aware of the hidden aspects of ourselves that lead us to behave unconsciously.

Moments of awakening can be caused by many different events and can leave us feeling alone and uncertain about why things are changing and how to respond.

Dawn is a transition guide who has survived the loss of her fiance, identity, health and career and has gained a knowledge and wisdom about life that you can only get from experience.

You will gain clarity about your life and purpose by tapping into the root reasons behind our blocks, freeing you to become the connected being that is capable of bringing real change into the world.

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Stories are tools we use to navigate the world. They tell us what is important, why we do things, and how the world works.

Our lives are driven by an old story that separates us from each other.

Today, we are awakening to a different story – a story of interbeing which says that everything is connected at a fundamental level.

When we share our stories with each other, we allow others to see a part of themselves in us, as we learn that our experiences and feelings are shared by everyone around us.

We can help you tell your story or the story of your idea and express it in the form of a video that brings your story to life.


So you’ve changed yourself and your story and now you are bursting with new ideas to change the world. This is an exciting time!

You want to change the world by helping people to live healthier and more sustainable lives, creating new collaboration tools, and enabling people to share their resources, expertise, and gifts with one another.

We help you to integrate sustainable values and principles into your sustainable business, product, or idea – things like transparency, ecological principles, reputation, empathy, and access for all.

We will help you brainstorm, develop, and promote your idea to the world, helping to create experiences for people that will aid in our collective awakening.