Why The EPA's New Coal Emission Regulations Are Counterproductive

Why The EPA’s New Coal Emission Regulations Are Counterproductive

At first glance, lower carbon emissions lessen the greenhouse effect that is responsible for the rapid shift in climate which is now causing the sixth mass extinction event in earth’s history. What could be bad about that?

Reimagining Investment

The Vision For Sustainable Human

"We understand that there is a common cause to all of the crises afflicting modern civilization. Whether it is the crisis in health care, education, inequality, climate, war, race relations, human trafficking, animal cruelty, or any other, their root stems from the idea that human beings are separate from the world around us – that our fate could somehow be different than the world that we are collectively destroying. A sustainable world must be built from sustainable values. The vision for Sustainable Man aims to create multi-media (videos, articles, graphics) content that both counter the mainstream messages that reinforce separation and consumption and illustrate other ways of doing things aligned with the sustainable values from which we wish to form a more compassionate, empathetic civilization."

Our Leaders Are Not Going To Save Us

Our Leaders Are Not Going To Save Us

“Real leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders.”