About The Founders

Sustainable Human was founded by Dawn and Chris Agnos as a way to explore the deep story-level roots of our many sustainability crises and offer alternative stories that are better able to meet the needs of not only humans but all of the biosphere as well. We work to expose the faulty thinking behind some of our common assumptions and create new stories that help us to live in harmony and peace with all life.


Every human behavior is an attempt to meet a need, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual. Human beings tell stories that are supposed to help us meet those needs and that justify our attempts to meet those needs. Therefore, if you want to understand or change any behavior, you must attempt to understand both the unmet need and the story that is trying to justify that behavior that is trying to meet it.

We work to expose the faulty stories that are less and less capable of meeting our collective needs and offer new stories that are better able to meet both our needs and those of the biosphere at the same time.